Too Woo the teaching Owl

Exploring with Too Woo
The nature book series for children

Written and illustrated by Evelyn Wood, the Too Woo series introduce children to the natural world in an engaging way.

TooWoo makes learning easy and fun, the illustrations combined with fact, activity and storytelling are a great way to involve children in nature study. It is the author's deliberate intention to treat his readers as intelligent people - not children.

The books have an astonishing amount of knowledge together with illustrations ranging from anatomical diagrams to fun cartoon characters. Difficult concepts are not ignored but clearly explained.  The books have a quiz, colouring pages plus print and web resources that will help develop the interest these books create.

Each book details the development of a creature from conception through birth to adulthood. Their organisation, habits, food and interaction with both humans and other creatures are described in an easy to understand illustrated format.

Latin and Greek words are used in nature study and these are fully explained and demystified so that the reader will understand their value not just in nature, but in other fields too.

Books in the series:   Follow the links for details of each title.

The magical world of Butterflies ISBN: 978-0-9934145-0-3 :: Sommerfuglenes magiske verden ISBN: 978-0-9934145-1-0

!NEW!Published 30 September 2016:: The busy world of bees ISBN: 978-0-9934145-2-7

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