The busy world of bees

The busy world of bees

The busy world of bees

ISBN: 978-0-9934145-2-7

Written and illustrated by Evelyn Wood

The life of honeybees and their bumblebee relatives, from an egg to Queen, Drone or worker; the role of each one has and the worker’s progress from cleaner to robber explained. Beekeeping, honey extraction and the waggle dance fun learning and activity packed into one small informative illustrated book.

Evelyn Wood believes that bright inquisitive children want proper answers to their many questions. This small volume seeks to meet that need and encourage interest in the natural world. Find little known facts and an easy way to understand the importance of Latin and Greek in studying the natural world.

The busy world of bees has a quiz, colouring pages and a waggle dance game too.

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Available to order at book stores Worldwide and in the UK from Waterstones and other good book shops. Also available from Amazon

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