The magical world of Butterflies

The magical world of Butterflies


The magical world of Butterflies.   ISBN: 978-0-9934145-0-3

Rarely has such fun learning and activity been packed into one small book.

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We learn about the life of Butterflies from the egg through caterpillar, chrysalis and finally the beautiful winged miracle that is the result of a magical process. The dangers these creatures face and the surprising help some get. New ideas, words and natural processes are explained with full color illustrations.

Learn why Latin and Greek are important to scientists and why they thank Carl von Linné for a great idea.
There's a story about a greedy spider, tips about explorer's kit, pages to colour, a quiz and space for notes.
Included are print and web resources that will help to develop and nurture the interest this book will create

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Reviews of the first edition

By Katherine E on 10 July 2015 A wonderfully informative and fun book, my son who is 12 absolutely loved it!

By Tim J on July 15, 2015 This is a great book with a fun story, fun characters and great activities and lessons! The lessons and are fun for kids and give a great deal of insight into the world of butterflies. There are pages for coloring, a little quiz and a place for note taking. There are several anatomically accurate colored illustrations on every page that keep it interesting and give kids something to look at, but also help them learn by providing visual depictions of the facts presented in the story.

By H. T. Davies on 30 July 2015 An entertaining and informative look at butterflies and their world. This short book provides a wealth of information in an easy to read way. A short quiz allows you to test your recently acquired knowledge and there is ample opportunity for those who like drawing and colouring in to indulge themselves. The book is filled with charming illustrations and would be an ideal introduction to the wonderful world of nature for young children.

By Mrs.Kelly H on 2 Sept. 2015 Verified Purchase I bought this for my 8 year old son who thoroughly enjoyed it and found myself also learning all sorts of interesting facts. My son found the illustrations and activities engaging and we have recommended it to friends of ours who have also had fun with this informative book. A must buy for anyone with little ones that love nature and animals!

By Mr. Ali S 12 September 2015 The book certainly had my 11 and 7 years old totally engaged. Educational, entertaining and above all, fun.

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